MDB Module: lminfo2

This is a module for MDB that modifies the behavior of the ::lminfo command to not truncate the locked vnode's pathname during output. In addition, we also add three columns for whence, start and len for those interested in seeing range locking statistics when you have multiple occurrences of the same vnode in your lock table.

Build Instructions

To build, you'll need to to have the SUNWmdbdm package installed, along with a C compiler (or one should be available in your path). You'll also need to have the mdb_ks.h header file from the MDB sources which you can pull from OpenSolaris via Mercury (hg).

  1. Install SUNWmdbdm on your system.
  2. Copy the /usr/demo/mdb tree into your home directory somewhere.
  3.     $ cd ~/src
        $ cp -r /usr/demo/mdb .
  4. Place a copy of lminfo2.c and mdb_ks.h in the common/ subdirectory of the tree you created above.
  5.     $ cd ~/src/mdb/common
        $ cp ~/lminfo2.c .
        $ cp ~/mdb_ks.h .
    $ cd ..
  6. Modify Makefile.common so that the MODULES list includes lminfo2:
  7.     MODULES =
  8. Build your module:
  9.     $ make
  10. Use it (path should be the fully expanded version of ~/src/mdb
  11.     # mdb -k
        > ::load /path/to/your/mdb/sparcv9/
        > ::lminfo2
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